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New passports

By the Ministerial Ordinance No. 215/224 of March 2, 2011, Burundi has released new travel documents made ​with the new biometric technology. Obtaining these documents requires applicants to their physical presence services is that the PAFE for fingerprints.

In that order, it is stated in Article 6 that the passports with digital image which were governed by the Ministerial Ordinance No. 100/089 of 28 January 2005 laying down implementing measures of Decree 100/026 of 30 January 1996 on the issuance of passports and travel documents in lieu thereof and which have not yet expired remains in force until 2 September 2011. It was found however that there is a category of people who lived outside the country for various reasons and who are physically unable to comply with this Order.

For this purpose, it is brought to your attention the public that passports with digital image that are not yet expired remain valid until their expiry date for the Burundian currently residing abroad.

After the expiration period for an extension of the duration of the passport may be given to diplomats, their families and Burundian students who were already abroad March 2nd, 2011 and which will not yet returned to Burundi on the date of the introduction of their application. Those who wish to obtain an extension of their passports will submit applications for extension motivated with the Office of the Ministry of Public Security to approve the necessity and duration of this extension.


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